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DSL-G664T Annex A / Annex B compatibility

Posted: 17:19 07 Jul 04 #1
  • carioca
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I've purchased the DSL-664T model in Germany, but moved to France now, where appearently annex A is used.
I'm pretty sad about this fact. Why can't this model be compatible with both!?!
Is there a way to resolve this problem by putting the DSL-G604T firmware on it? Will I screw up my unit if I do so?
On my model-package, it says it is Annex B compatible, as well as ADSL / ISDN.
Do I have to dump my unit?

Thanks for your kind reply,


my unit: DSL-G664T
H/W ver. A1
F/W ver.
S/N DQ56145003790
Please suggest any improvements or report problems / abuse to